6 Reasons You Should Be Using Whey Protein


Among other things, whey’s proven to improve power, in addition to combat the effects of a terrible day and disease.

WHEY PROTEIN ISN’T only the fuel of big-bodied muscle heads.  Do not get us wrong, if you are getting good quality workouts in and adhering to a diet full of lean protein, fiber- and vitamin-rich fruits and veggies, and good-quality carbohydrates, and still not seeing the results you desire, whey protein can allow you to gain greater results.  But that is not the only reason it ought to be a part of your everyday routine.  We narrowed down the top six health benefits tucked away in your tub of protein shake whey.

  1.  Reduce fat and preserve muscle

Have you reduced your caloric consumption hoping to lose some flab?  If so, you may want to learn that researchers in Minnesota conducted a 12-week study where subject’s daily caloric intake was decreased by 500 calories.  Then they gave some participants whey and the remainder were given an isocaloric blend drink.  Those consuming whey lost a considerably greater quantity of body fat (6.1% complete) and better maintained their muscles.  In case you have an urge to bite on something, try a whey protein bar.

  1.  Increase size and strength

Hitting the gym hard expecting to make strength gains?  Researchers at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, took 19 men performing resistance training on a 10-week interval and gave some of them 14 g of whey and casein protein combined with 6 g of free amino acids while giving the rest a 20-gram placebo.  People who consumed the whey had higher increases in fat-free density and muscle strength.  The secret is to follow the example of the analysis and eat whey one hour before and after the exercises.


  1.  Reduce hunger

Hungry?  Whey can help you reduce appetite and prevent creating a bowling-ball-shaped physique.  Australian investigators had 28 obese men eat four unique drinks.  People who consumed the protein drink containing 50 g of whey had significantly reduced levels of ghrelin (a hormone that tells your brain you are hungry) up to four hours afterward.  So rather than munching on unhealthy party snacks, drink a protein shake ahead.

  1.  Fight cancer

Cancer is a deadly lottery that’s touched far too many family trees.  Luckily, there are ways to protect against it.  1 method is to get regular screenings for the particular kind of cancer which may run in your loved ones.  Various studies also have concluded that whey protein shake can help in the fight against several common kinds of cancer including colon and prostate.  If you are at risk, don’t forget to get screened, then listen to the advice of your caregivers, and consider including whey protein in your diet.

  1.  Manage stress

Are you feeling stressed?  Do not even think about reaching for spirits because studies conducted in the Netherlands seem to have found a much better choice for those vulnerable to stress.  Researchers put 58 subjects through experimental anxiety and found that those who consumed whey protein experienced fewer symptoms of depression and appeared in a much better mood than those who didn’t.  They concluded that there were probably changes in the brain dopamine.  Rather than drowning your sorrows in booze, decide on a sterile whey protein shake.

  1.  Improve immunity

Want to increase your immune system?  University of Alberta researchers found that male subjects involved in strenuous aerobic activity suffered from significantly reduced glutathione levels that could impact on such matters as the nervous, gastrointestinal, and immune systems.  However, they also found that by supplementing with whey protein, the subjects experienced a considerably lesser reduction in glutathione levels.  If you like extended cardio sessions, but do not want to risk a decrease in glutathione levels, fight those effects with whey.



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