Available in resealable and recyclable bottles in three deliciously creamy flavours to choose from. New flavors will be out soon – Mango Yoghurt and Coffee flavours.

Enrage Protein Shakes are an easy way to efficiently fuel your body and help you achieve and maintain optimal health.

The Beginner’s Guide to Using Protein Powder


Walk into any gym these days, and you are just as likely to hear the rattling of a shaker jar as the clanking of weights.  Powders, pubs, and other nutritional supplements are now so ingrained in workout culture that it is tough to imagine not following up a wonderful work out with a shake of some kind (and sometimes even mid-workout).  And protein powder, especially, is leading the charge.  Created by several sources — from soy to peas — the favorite supplement has cemented its place in our heads, our diets as well as our community grocery stores.

If you are an elite athlete or just a weekend warrior, then odds are you have a tub of protein powder sitting someplace in your home.  And if not, perhaps you’ve gulped down a shake or smoothie sooner or later.  But do you really know what is in your protein powder?  And do you know how use it to get the best results?  To assist you more efficiently determine how, when and in the event, you should use this supplement, we made this beginner manual.  Here is how the most popular questions about protein powder shake out.

Protein Powder Primer

Many gym-goers catch a tub and begin adding shakes to their diet without thinking about why or if they want protein powder in any respect.  As Brian St. Pierre, sports dietitian and nutrition coach at Precision Nutrition puts it, the most obvious reason to supplement with protein powder would be to accomplish your protein intake target for the day.  However, they are not absolutely needed.  “If you can satisfy your protein needs with whole foods, that is fine,” says St. Pierre.  If you end up taking in a high-quality whole-food source of protein a few times daily, normally a gram of protein for every pound of body fat, you may not even require the powder fallback.  But, once you’re crunched for time, protein supplements can be your greatest ally.


Though the labels may claim otherwise, the several tubs are more equal than you think.  At the center of all protein powders is exactly what you’d assume (or hope) — protein — if it is from soy, soy, soy, or something else.  Still, you may see terms like “hydrolyzed” and “cutting edge” to liven up bottles.  St. Pierre asserts that the pursuit of greater and faster-digesting protein powders might be frivolous in the grand scheme of things (study agrees).  “A lot of companies will push for getting you to pay major dollars for grass fed whey or cold-filtered whey,” St. Pierre says.  “These could be things which make them better, but how much better is up for discussion.”

Therefore, if spending more does not automatically make a protein powder what should consumers look for when buying the supplement aisle?  St. Pierre recommends first searching for a respectable company that has good manufacturing practices.    Certifying companies buy real products from store shelves ( like a regular buyer) and conduct tests to be certain that the bottle contains what the label advertises.

When to Mix It Up

Figuring out the best times to supplement can be hard.  Here are the two most common applications for protein powder throughout the day and specific programs for each.

Meal Replacement

When you are rushing out the door for work in the morning, the last thing you’ve got time for is to make a fast breakfast to kickstart your day.  That is one situation where protein shakes can be convenient.  Generally speaking, St Pierre recommends incorporating in a supply of vegetables, a serving or two of fruit and some wholesome fats alongside a spoonful or two of protein shake powder. These shakes may be used in place of a meal or in addition to a normal meal when attempting to gain weight.



With the dawn of the post-workout window — a thin piece of time to ingestion nutrients after a work out for the biggest advantage — protein shakes and shaker bottles became a requirement to get a gym trip.  If you did not slug a shake before you walked out the door, the thought went, you’re compromising recovery period and crippling the benefits you could reap from your workout.  Protein supplementation post-workout has been demonstrated to be beneficial, especially in helping people recover after a difficult session and possibly increase strength and muscle gain.  However, the post-exercise window might have been somewhat overblown.  St. Pierre admits that post-workout nutrition is important but not as much as you might have previously thought.  “Basically, it is not a bad thing to have a shake right after your workout, but you do not need to,” he explains.  “Do not drive yourself crazy thinking that you have wasted a workout as you didn’t have a shake right after exercising.”

Protein powders shake have apparently become a requirement for an active lifestyle right alongside high tech exercise trackers and cutting edge footwear.  Though protein shakes may be a handy way to take in calories, it does not imply they are always the best choice.  Whole food sources are still your best bet for getting nutrients.  The takeaway is to build your diet with a foundation of solid food and use protein powder as a — you guessed it — supplement when it is healthy and convenient.


Enrage Protein Shakes are high protein, low carb, low fat and packed with vitamins and nutritional supplements designed to operate your body mechanics.  Enrage Protein Shakes are an easy way to effectively fuel your body and help you reach and maintain optimal health.  With extra guarana and ginseng for natural recovery and power.  Launched in resealable and recyclable bottles in three deliciously creamy flavors to pick from.  Visit our FB page for more information here.

Enrage Protein Shake


Enrage Protein Shake – Enrage Protein Shakes is designed to serve your body mechanics. Available in Banana, Vanilla and Chocolate flavours.


Enrage Protein Shake


Protein is especially important to eat after a workout as throughout the workout you’re effectively breaking down your muscles Enrage Protein Shakes are high protein, low carb, low fat and packed with vitamins and minerals designed to serve your body mechanics.

Do Protein Shakes Really Help You Get Big?


You may have heard from athletes and friends about the advantages of protein shakes for muscle building.

Even though it’s that muscles need protein to grow and function, there’s absolutely not any evidence that protein shakes or supplements alone can increase muscle size. Lots of the claims about the ability of protein supplements to pump up you are unsubstantiated. Understanding the function of the protein in the body will cause a more accurate image of how protein shakes influence muscle development.


Protein is found naturally in many foods, such as fish, meat, nuts, and soy. It’s a critical part of any healthy diet, and people that are protein-deficient can create health issues. Health experts recommend 55.5 g of protein daily for men and 45 g of protein every day for women, according to BBC Health. Only smaller amounts of protein are required every day, but most people who reside in industrialized nations consume more protein in their bodies really require.


Protein is vital for many body functions, particularly those related to mobile processes. Whether you have protein through supplementation or food, it has to come from your diet because the body can’t make or store nourishment. The body needs protein for energy, as well as for tissue growth and repair, based on BBC Health. Protein, carbohydrates, and fats are integral factors involved in the metabolic process. The body breaks down protein into amino acids, which are crucial for tissue formation. Muscles are based on protein synthesis.


Muscle Growth

Muscle growth naturally starts to decrease in adults after age 20. Consuming particular foods or supplements with protein, such as protein shakes, won’t alter the size or strength of muscles, based on FAQs.org — World of Sports. It requires exercise and strength training to encourage muscle synthesis and muscle growth. Sports, like running, have slow, long-term effects on muscle growth, and weightlifting significantly impacts muscle growth more quickly. It’s the practice of tearing down and restoring tissue — catabolism, and anabolism — which builds muscle. When more synthesized protein is produced than absorbed by muscles, they develop, World of Sports states.

Protein Following Exercise

The catabolic process continues in an affected muscle when carbohydrates and proteins are ingested in conjunction right after exercise — “the process of protein synthesis is immediately stimulated,” states World of Sports. This prevents protein reduction from the muscle but timing is everything when it comes to protein and muscle building. But, muscle synthesis is encouraged long-term by constant consumption of the recommended daily levels of protein, World of Sports states.

Protein Shakes

Getting enough protein is the healthiest way to keep adequate levels of this nutrient. However, if you would like to supplement your diet with protein shakes, particularly while strength training, many types of protein supplements can be found: soy, whey, egg, and casein. Whey protein shakes are considered most beneficial for after a workout since the body absorbs these fast. Following a workout is when your muscles may need additional protein. Other protein supplements might only help you if you are not consuming enough protein in your daily diet.



Enrage Protein Shakes are high protein, low carb, low fat and packed with vitamins and nutritional supplements designed to function your own body mechanisms. Enrage Protein Shakes are a simple way to effectively fuel your body and help you achieve and maintain optimum wellness. With additional guarana and ginseng for natural healing and power. Launched in resealable and recyclable bottles in three deliciously creamy flavors to select from. See our FB page for more information here.