The Benefits Of Protein Shakes


Nowadays, it looks like there are an increasing number of bodybuilders taking in more protein in some form or another.  Just walk around the neighborhood grocery store, and you will likely find a range of protein-enriched cereals as well as “high”-protein oatmeal.  Whether the sort of protein is soy, whey, casein, or milk… it is all about one thing: protein.

Obviously, among the best ways to get the quantity of protein your diet requires is via solid food, but as I am certain that many bodybuilders would agree, it isn’t always easy to find all their protein via solid foods.  Especially once you conduct a full-time job and do not always have time to prepare foods, through which to receive your protein.


This is where protein shakes have their place.  All you need is an excellent whey protein powder, a shaker bottle, and some water, and you will always have sufficient protein at your fingertips to fuel your muscles!

When people hear ‘protein’ and ‘exercise’ in the same sentence, they are likely to conjure up pictures of bodybuilders using protein bars and milkshakes to be able to maximize their workout.  Protein is very important to anyone (and not only the pros) who’s hitting the gym, playing sports, going for runs or performing any other sort of workout.

To put it simply, protein is one of the primary nutrients that each and every individual need to keep a healthy body.  It can help to repair any external or internal harm, supports the immune system and leads to a general sense of wellbeing.  At a cellular level, proteins are used for just about everything, from distributing messages, execute the directions of DNA and protecting, maintaining and repairing essential life functions.


Nutrition and Health

It doesn’t matter how you look at it, protein is vital for exercise.  Anyone undertaking any sort of exercise regimen is definitely going to need more protein than somebody who does not.  This is because when you exercise, you’re effectively breaking and ripping muscle fibers apart, which then have to be fixed by the body, requiring protein to achieve that.

So where do people get protein from?  From a dietary perspective, day daily protein is obtained from eating food such as beans, soy protein products, nuts and other similar foods.  If you’re exercising, it’s helpful to supplement this normal consumption of protein with extra food items such as protein bars, powders or shakes.  These can come in a number of flavors and types so that you do not get bored.

Fix, Maintain, Grow

Protein is especially important to eat after a workout as throughout the workout you’re effectively breaking down your muscles.  That’s the reason it is a common sight to see people in the gym eating protein bars or ingesting whey shakes when they’ve completed their regular to help increase the impact of their workout.  It’s also very important to combine this protein with carbs as your body finds it easier to consume the protein and then turn it into more muscle mass.

If you’re exercising but wind up with low energy or feel that you’re not building any muscle, it might be down to not having enough protein in your diet.  Make an effort to eat more protein through your daily diet or exceptional shakes and bars to feel better and get more from your workout.

Searching for Protein Shake Drink?



Enrage Protein Shakes are high protein, low carb, low fat and packed with vitamins and nutritional supplements designed to function your body mechanisms.  Enrage Protein Shakes are a simple way to effectively fuel your body and help you reach and maintain optimum health.  With additional guarana and ginseng for organic power and recovery.  Offered in resealable and recyclable bottles in three deliciously creamy flavors to select from. Visit our Facebook page for more information here.


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